Ekuanot Single Hop 4%

Ekuanot Single Hop 4%

Our newest Single Hop – Ekuanot!

Once again we are making an exceptional single hop pale.

Only one hop is used throughout the entire brew process – no cheating, no substitutions and no exemptions!

Most commercial ales are made by blending cheap and bland hops with the ballsy delicious pungent and flavoursome hops that cost more for the simple reason that they are better.

We would never short change our fans like that – its ALL Ekuanot – Hop fans may be familiar with Equinox Hops – the farmers changed the name for REASONS – A huge piney melon ball of flavour!

Because good beer isn’t cheap and cheap beer isn’t good – although it costs the same as any other pint of ale on our bar!

That is dedication to making a damn decent beer over profit – ENJOY!



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