Nano Brews! Come and Brew with us!

Nano Brews! Come and Brew with us!

Join us on the first Wednesaday of every month!


We’re spending the first Wednesday of every month brewing that thing we love the most! BEER! Pop along and brew with us on a super cool 100 litre kit, think of the most outrageous beer recipes we can brew and generally just hang out and drink beer with other people who love beer! (participants will get promo all night tooooooo!).

Under the supervision and guidance of our in house brew meister Joe you can get as involved as you like and really learn what it takes to make your own outstanding weird and wonderful beer!

A new beer every month – we can AND WILL make anything!

Any other ideas? Comment on our event facebook HERE to have your say in what we brew this month!

See you on then!

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