We make beer because we LOVE beer. Here are our brews.

Sterling Single Hop 3.9%

Our newest Single Hop – Sterling!

Once again we are making an exceptional single hop pale.

Only one hop is used throughout the entire brew process – no cheating, no substitutions and no exemptions!

Most commercial ales are made by blending cheap and bland hops with the ballsy delicious pungent and flavoursome hops that cost more for the simple reason that they are better.

We would never short change our fans like that – its ALL Sterling – a hugely aromatic, grassy and fragrant US hop at every stage of the brew – an even dry hopped for a little more punch!

Because good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good – although it costs the same as any other pint of ale on our bar!

That is dedication to making a damn decent beer over profit – ENJOY!



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Jaffa Pulla 4.8%

Orange and Cardamom Amber Ale…. Go on then!

Unusual times call for an unusual beer!

We mixed orange juice and zest with aromatic cardamom to make this rare and fine amber ale!

So think British Institution Jaffa Cakes and Scandinavian Traditional Pulla Bread.

There is no political statement here – just an observation that sometimes good ideas from different places come together so well its mad to think that they weren’t put together before!

To be enjoyed in the sunshine!




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Thyme at the Bar 3.4%

A fresh herby treat – lemon zest and thyme pale ale!

The resounding success of our excellent sessionable supreme lemon and rosemary ale gave us pause for thought.

What other herby treats do we have knocking about that would make an interesting and flavoursome beer?

After a little…… Time…… we decided on….. Thyme!

A straw pale and sensibly strength-ed summer ale needed just the right name – and we love a pun thats so bad its quite good!

So enjoy a pint or two of our newest herbed pale, Thyme at the Bar!

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Shellys Surrogate 4.5%

Shellys Surrogate ESB 4.5%


We wanted a best bitter that you can really sink your teeth into – the kind of beer that is timeless and moreish.

We made a huge mid brown classic Extra Special Bitter – 4.5% and delectable.

A truly classic british style done well – SMASHING!

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Bestest 4.6%

A reinvented classic. A Malty Best Bitter – the name says it all!

A reinvented classic. A Malty Best Bitter – the name says it all!

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Single Hop Chinook 4.6%

Chinook Single Hop – LOVELY

An All American Hop Hero in our series of exceptional single hop ales!

This straw pale american hopped session ale is as subtle and nuanced as most modern american beers arent – instead of the typical palette destroyers and IBU monoliths we’ve made a tasty more traditional British ale with those big boy american hops and ONLY those Chinook hops – NO cheats or shortcuts!

A buttery rich pale with fistfuls of hop character – MAJESTIC!


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Hopbomb V 4 5%

Now this is an IPA of note – Hugely aromatic and delightfully bitter.

Hop Bomb Version 4 – Prepare to be HOPPED TO PIECES!

A more elegant IPA for a more civilised age – Huge hop bitterness and aroma from New Zealand Tag Team Champion Hops Zeus and Pacific Gem!

A mouth watering and delightfully refreshing I.P.A.


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Summer Time Radness 4%

Summer Time Radness – TASTY!

British summer time is finally here – all three days of it – so we threw together this delightful pale ale!

Crisp, refreshing and most importantly delicious!

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